Why Ecogenics?

Get Results

  • Clean faster with high-performance products
  • Impress with a brilliant clean and professional finish
  • Improve hygiene, prevent cross-contamination
  • Field-tested and proven for reliable results
  • Minimize environmental impact

Save Time

  • Boost output with high-performance chemicals
  • Formulated to work quickly to save you time and money
  • Get the job done first time – no re-application!

Reduce Expenses

  • Ultra-concentrated chemicals go a long way!
  • Enhance your business’s profits with lower periodic costs
  • Get systems to minimize wastage and product misuse

Improve Safety

  • Proactive & consistent service
  • Full range of compliance support materials
  • Product formulations designed to be gentler on patrons & staff
  • Educate staff easily with onsite and online training
  • Place orders 24/7 with Ecogenics convenient online ordering
  • Colour Coded Cleaning System makes cleaning simpler & safer

Our Promise

  • Products with consistent quality according to specifications.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Flexibility and speed to design and manufacture new world class products.
  • Distribution at a competitive cost.
  • Impeccable delivery, service, support and customer care.
  • Great human and environmental safety